High School Summer 7 v 7's

  • Boys, Girls and COED Teams
  • Age Groups:  14-15yrs and 16-18yrs
  • 7-game season
  • June 3rd – July 29th
  • Saturday Evenings
  • $76/player (includes referee fees)
  • * 14-15 yrs age group – players must be 14 or 15 years old at time of registration
  • * 16-18 yrs age group – player must by 16,17 or 18 years old at time of registration

Registration Process

Here’s how Registration Works


  • Click on the registration button above
  • Create an account.  If this is a parent doing the registration, you’ll need to create your own account, then add the player as a family member.
  • Choose the player as the one being registered, and then choose “High School 7 v 7 League”
  • Choose “Team Manager or Coach (Create New Team or Register an Existing Team)”.
  • Choose whether or not you are playing on the team.  If you are, you’ll pay your registration fee when you finish entering the team.  If you are not playing on the team, hit “continue with team” and the team will be registered, but no payment will be due.


  • The easiest way is for the Manager to invite each player via email.  To do this, go to your account, find the team and click “Manage Team”.  From there you click “Invite” and then enter in each email you want to send an invitation to.
  • Once player receive the invitation they will click into the team registration, pay their registration fee and be automatically placed on the team.
  • Note:  Players can find the team to register themselves by going through the same process as the manager, but choosing “Individual Player” instead of “Manager”.  Once they find the team they will “Request to Join” the team and an email will be sent to the Manager, who will then accept the invite.  This is, as you can see, the more convoluted way to do it…but it can be done this way also.