Program Designed for Players of all ages to Enjoy THE BEAUTIFUL GAME



FREE for 6th thru 12th grade Sunday afternoon sessions

$10/player for evening Adult Sessions

We want to encourage kids and adults to play soccer in a more organic way, so we’ve introduced pick-up games in a “Winner Stays” format.  This format is a favorite game for coaches and players around the world, in all sports and at all levels.  As the title suggests, if your team wins a game, they stay on to take on the next team.  The philosophy of this program is to provide players the opportunity to play soccer with their peers in an environment free of coaches and referees.  This helps foster a love of the game and allows for pure freedom on the field.

Specific Rules and Format is as follows:

5 to 8 Min Game (depending on numbers)…or team that scores 2 goals.

If game is tied, newest team is deemed winner.


There will be staff on-site to help with any disputes.


Parents may watch, but may not coach or play in any fashion.  Parents deemed to be coaching will be asked to watch from the parking lot.

Youth Session Ages:  

6th through 12th grade

Adult Session Ages:

 16 years and older

Youth Times:  


6th-8th grade:  2PM to 3:15PM

9th-12th grade:  3:30PM to 5:15PM

Adult Times:  

Friday (Men and Women) – 8:30pm to 10:30pm

Saturday (Men and Women) – 7pm to 10pm

Sunday (Men and Women) – 7pm to 10pm

Check Daily Schedule for times each day