Field Rentals

Be sure to review the booking procedures below...we PROMISE, it will make reserving a field much easier!

Field Rental Process and Policies

  • BOOKING OVERVIEW Fields can be rented in 1/2-hour increments. Multiple fields may be rented at the same time. Discounts apply for multiple-field rentals.
  • BOOKING PROCESS Login to your account, or create an account. Choose a start date that is at least 2 days from today's date. Choose the day(s) of the week you want to rent. Then choose the field(s) that you want to reserve. If you're looking to rent a field within 48 hours of the rental time you must call us at 505-705-9909.
  • PRICE $90/hour. All rentals will be charged tax unless you are a tax-exempt organization. IF YOU ARE TAX EXEMPT CALL US BEFORE BOOKING ONLINE!
  • INSURANCE All persons renting our facilities must provide proof of liability insurance that names MICHEZO, LLC as additional insured. Send to
  • CANCELATION POLICY You must cancel no later than 72 hours prior to your scheduled rental time in order to receive a full refund. Cancellations occurring less than 72 hours prior to the scheduled rental time will be refunded at 50%. The only exception to this is cancelation due to weather, in which case a full refund will be provided. You may not transfer your rental to another person, group, team or league without prior approval from Management.
  • RECURRING / LONG TERM RENTALS We only allow online bookings 30 days out. If you are interested in renting further than 30 days out please contact us at


1 Field = $90/HOUR + tax

 Full payment is due at time of booking.

Have Questions

For questions about field rental, contact us beforehand.
For more information please call our office at 505.705.9909


Complete set of our Policies.

In general, our Field Rules/Policies follow the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would want to be treated. That goes for your interactions with any staff and taking care of the facilities themselves. There is a list of “NO’s” in the Policies, so familiarize yourself with those before using our fields. (E.G., NO GUM ALLOWED). We built these fields to be a premier soccer-specific facility for the community and it will take all of us to keep them in good condition.